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Related article: Date: Monday, December 11, 2006 15 17th 30 -0800 ( PST ) From: Ray u003cray6645 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Brother dominated me 7 n After Mike and Chris had their decision needs to go to in the business with my body as your inventory. What s are intended to mock her with my body friends and money along the way. Our first customer, or "John " was the child of the other side of the road. Mike had played with him any, and I knew from school. It was another slim boy Preteen Cp who had no hair on his body that we had not seen. There eyelashes and hair on the upon his head, but remained very close to shave, as the Marines. came one evening after work in the yard. I had won some money from his mother ensure that the work I now wanted to pass a its prey. We were very pleased with him his medal download. He showed and we had a couple of hours because I people went to work. Mike wanted to ask what all the s. Gary said he wanted to sprucet I undress, so he could see what we have. Mike told me to undress, and do it quickly. I did what I said, and has short pants, shed my shirt and sneakers. I was in the house naked all the is the time, but we had to leave the store. Gary looked at me approvingly. He asked if you see my ​​ass. Mike told me to duck, and spread my ass cheeks. I did, as I said. " This is good enough to fuck. " Vino de Gary. I stood up, and Gary moved to me and grabbed my cock and jacked is a number of times. Chris told him to stop until we have seen, is the color of your money. Gary reached into his pocket was two dollars. I asked if he felt a blow to job in the agreement. Chris said. " No, only to shit on it for two, if you aspire to, there is another dollar," forked in another dollars. My next appointment, Gary stripes, and was was comfortable. I started with the shirt and showed his smooth chest. He had two small titse, and s were very excited to be little that could. He wanted me to lick his pits, which I did. had a bit of sweat there, but not for its early age. The next thing that had to be removed n were his Tenni runners and socks. They came from rather quickly. Mike said it would be a nice gesture n when you kiss his feet, because it was our first customer. quickly told me, even though his legs had a little smell to them. pants and underwear were as follows. In they came, and for a nice tail, not too long jumps. is to be easy to get everything into my mouth. with respect to your pubic area, no hair that is seen. Maybe a little fluff, but that would be all. The line was too much for me, so I just put in my mouth and started sucking a little. Mike that I suck a little, then told him that the treatment of as a guest is, and get behind him, and kiss his ass. For example, a part of it. There nice little bunss. Perhaps the size of a small group of melons. Chris pushed my face into the ass cheeks and told me to start kissing. His little buns were as solid as a rock. So it was fun to kiss all the n in his ass. Mike told me to spread the cheeks Gary, kiss my ass. It was a cute little hole, and my tongue went right for them. Gary groaned every time , I would run her tongue over his hole. So I have Stop only to stop, and again to suck. Back to the front, and my mouth was in the queue. I continue to suck the bread in his hand, until s had a dry orgasm. He resisted a little, and then resisted over again, and relaxed me. Chris and Mike grabbed him, so he will not fall. We let down the ground, and within minutes was back over again. Chris, always money to people noticed that Gary 's cock s was very weak, and you'd better be ready for it fuck me. Return to suck. And try to lick small balls. Finally, it was another drive. that s said that he reallyI liked it when her ass licked, that was something else. I am pleased with him, I can write only lifted her legs to expose that cute n instead of. The tongue was eager to do it again, so then off we went. I could hear Chris says that a new price list command would be. While I was busy licking her ass was in Gary, Chris decided to that helps a little, and move my finger asses, and prepare it for Gary. The lubricated a little with my own pre -cum. Until my ass was the finger. that s cock was smaller than Mike, but it was still a little pain, because for the first time, but it felt good. Gary announced he was ready for the next event. He was on his knees and brought me to my Preteen Cp Flounder was in the air, and that could signal the tail my ​​ass. Moved, and forced his cock in my ass without lube. Thanks God had done the work of Chris little. I was in a small, not much of a pain in the n first. But in the end, my ass hole expands to of his cock and started to fuck me. When he did,, I moving your ass left and right, make it more fun it. And of course for me. It always feels good for a cock in my ass. is the cock in and out, as had been guys shit for years, even though they knew that here was the first time you make an ass fucking. He began to do it slowly, but he has more in him, had the pace. Each time the ram to hurry home, my hard cock slap against my stomach. He had dripping precum like crazy. Soon he began to really hit me and then fell to the back when he had his dry orgasm. He remained there for s a bit, and then rolled. I felt his cock go soft, , and out of my hole. I felt empty. But good. Gary took a few minutes to return to the roots n world. He was grinning from ear to ear. " I think I will have to do much work for my mother, so that I can afford to have a little more fun. " The was the first to comment. We asked if he liked, and he n the feeling that theytten your money's worth. agreed to there was much more fun than I expected. We asked what he loved most, and he liked it that way s I licked his ass, and it got hot. that was his favorite pastime. Yes, I like, dammit, and all the time, but licked the ass for the first time was brilliant. Mike told him the next time he came more, we consider their Preteen Cp comments. Gary said he now was going to the bathroom, , and clean his cock. Chris told me to go to help him, to get his cock nice and clean. As we wash Gary Hahn, said it was really to urinate. So the boys told me, in which shower, and down on my hips, so that Gary the bladder empties the queue. He was pure for that pee on my tail. I was almost an invitation to a shootout , and then left without urinating. I told them, as that was near, and Mike wanted me to get up and show Gary, what happens when I shoot. So I had to bring shame to me even more, and makingbefore him. The burden of that came out was an extra large. Clear shot n in the shower and press the wall with a at least two shots, one was a little short. Gary said he should show more n for the payment of , but had no money. We told him that next time he could get more money to show more. Now the company MRC was founded. We have chosen to name. Because we all had our initials on it. a Gary left, we shared the spoils. We had paid three dollars. This meant that I got thirty cents, and the whole world has a U. S. dollar. UU. I've seen the 35th, she learned fun, and you have the money. Good as as I'm concerned. Gary again for another time? Will there be more customers appear? Is the price list to extend ? is my ​​ass sore from a beating? Stay tuned to this station for the next installment. Now a word from our sponsors. Please support this list. Whether money, s preferred, or with their own history. t Commentsor ray6645 yahoo. com Thank you for your comments. know appreciated! do
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